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The Love Bugs

Milk House Studio was lucky to partner with the film The Love Bugs as an illustrator, creating dozens of delightful insect illustrations.

About The Love Bugs: Over the course of 60 years, Lois and Charlie O’Brien—two of the foremost entomologists and pioneers in their field—traveled to over 70 countries and quietly amassed the world’s largest private collection of insects. He was the Indiana Jones of entomology and she was his Marion Ravenwood. Their collection is a scientific game-changer with more than one million specimens and more than 1,000 undiscovered species. But in the past several years the O’Briens have grappled with the increasingly debilitating effects of Charlie's Parkinson’s Disease and the emotional toll it takes on Lois. Charlie, 85, and Lois, 91, realize that a chapter of exploration and discovery is coming to an end in their lives. But they live in a time when the beleaguered field of science needs them most. And the O'Briens know they need to continue fighting for it.

So they turn to their 1.25 million insects for a little help. 

This humorous and poignant documentary short explores the nature of Love--and the love of Nature--and what it means to devote oneself completely to both.

The Film team includes: Co-directors Allison Otto, Maria Elizabeth, editor Chelsea Jackson, executive producers Caryn Capotosto and Linda Archer Cornfield, composer Mark Crawford, sound designer Billy Wirasnik, producer Jane Julian, animators Shawna Schultz and Mass FX Media and illustrator Jenny Nichols.

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